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Ailate Service

In addition to the high-quality products, Ailate Seal is famous for its efficient and thoughtful service. Ailate Service is an important part of Ailate brand, and it is the high added value that customers gets from trusting Ailate products.

We have a global sales and service network, which greatly shortens the time cost for customers to choose Ailate products. Besides the advantages of whole product models and vast quantity in stock, the support of international advanced management system, as well as high-qualified and professional sales persons, after-sales persons and technical team, make customers meet any sealing needs at the lowest cost.

Ailate Service includes the following aspects:

1.    Professional sales team support.

Our sales engineers are familiar with the products and know the technology well. They can answer customers' questions about the selection and use of the products.

2.    Professional technical team support.

Our technical team has a superb technical level, and can help customers develop new products by CAD drawing or samples and make price accounting and so on. We will respond to customers in the shortest time.

3.    Professional after-sales team support.

Our after-sales team has been trained and knows how to solve the problems of delivery time, delivery means, express cost, product packaging, etc.

4.    Other service support that brings benefits to customers.

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