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Technology Support

After more than 30 years of technical service accumulation and constant pursuit of high-tech level, the technical reserve of Ailate Seal has been excellent, and it has also established its own position in the seal industry. The technical team not only has its own excellent technical level, but also sets up the first-class customer service awareness under the influence of corporate culture.

We can provide a variety of technical service support.

For the development of new products, we can customize many kinds of molded polyurethane elastomer products from 4mm-2000mm, O-ring from 1mm-2000mm, and CNC equipment can be flexible and rapid processing of any size. There are a wide range of materials available, from polyurethane, rubber and other elastomer materials, to PTFE, POM, phenolic fabric, etc. Customers can also customize compact seals according to their own requirements combined seal to deal with complex working conditions. Just need to provide drawing or sample, our advanced drawing software can quickly determine various parameters, and advanced testing equipment can quickly determine product size and material.

For the testing of new products, we have a variety of equipment to test the performance of various materials, from which we can choose the most suitable and economical scheme for customers. Strict implementation of the test requirements, by which we can always provide customers with the most appropriate materials.

For the trial use of new products, we can provide free samples for customers to test. Customers can order after all tests are satisfied, so that can reduce unnecessary troubles. Customers can also improve the design according to the actual test situation to achieve the most perfect use effect.
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