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Guide ring
Guide strip/rings have an important place in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. If there are radial loads in the sysytem and no protections are provided, sealing elements do not function and also there may be permanent damage for the cylinder.          
Our guide ring (wear ring) could be produced with 3 different materials.          

Material 1: Cotton Fabric impregnated with Phenolic Resin     
Color: Light yellow     
Material 2: PTFE filled with 40% Bronze     
Color: Green/Brown     
Material 3: POM      
Color: Black     
Technical Data     
Cotton Fabric impregnated with Phenolic Resin: -35 to +120     
PTFE filled with 40% Bronze: -50  to +200     
POM: -35 to +100     
Speed:  5m/s      
Low friction, high efficiency     
Stick-slip free starting, no sticking     
Easy installation     

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