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Rubber O-ring
O-rings offer the designer an efficient and economical sealing element for a wide rang of static or dynamic applications.                    
Inexpensive production methods and its ease of use have make the O-ring the most widely used seals, as O-rings are used as sealing elements or as energizing elements for hydraulic slipper seals and wipers and thus cover a large number of fields of application.  There are no fields of industry where the O-ring is not used.  From an individual seal for repairs or maintenance to a quality assured application in aerospace, automotive or general engineering.          
Material: NBR / FKM  / EPDM / HNBR / VMQ (Silicone)     
Color: Black / Brown (standard)     
We keep large stock for material NBR 70 Shore A Black     
Technical Data     
Temperature range:      NBR -30 to +110      
                                     FKM -20 to +200     
                                     EPDM -45 to +150     
                                     HNBR -30 to +140    
                                     VMQ -50to +220     
Pressure:  Static applications without back-up ring  200 Bar     
                Static applications with back-up ring  400 Bar     
Speed: Reciprocate application  0.5 m/s      
            Rotate application  2 m/s      
Hardness: 50 - 90 Shore A     
Size standard     
AS 568 (USA size standard)     
BS 1516 (UK size standard)     
JIS B 2401 (Japanese size standard)     
ISO 3601/1 (ISO size standard)     
DIN 3771/1 (German size standard)     
GB 3452.1 (Chinese size standard)     
and extensive other metric sizes     

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