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Ailate s back-up ring BRT has no intended sealing function. Instead, as their name indicates, they are protective and supporting elements made from extrusion-resistant materials which generally have a rectangular cross section.They are installed in a groove together with an elastomeric sealing element preferably with a corresponding O-ring in static applications.
Due to the tight fit of the Back-up ring in the housing, they prevent extrusion of the pressurised elastomeric sealing element into the sealin gap.  

Material: virgin PTFE (standard)     
Color: White    
Technical Data    
Pressure: Static applications  400 Bar    
                Dynamic applications 150 Bar    
Temperature: -50 to +200    
Speed: 2 m/s     
Cut: Uncut (standard)    
Use of O-ring in high pressure applications    
Use of O-ring materials with a low hardness    
Use for internal and external sealing applications    
Reciprocating and rotating movements possible    

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