Guide strip/rings have an important place in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. If there are radial loads in the ysytem and no protections are provided, sealing elements do not function and also there may be permanent damage for the cylinder.          
Our WR guide ring (wear ring) could be produced with 3 different materials.          

Material 1: Cotton Fabric impregnated with Phenolic Resin     
Color: Light yellow     
Material 2: PTFE filled with 40% Bronze     
Color: Green/Brown     
Material 3: POM      
Color: Black     
Technical Data     
Cotton Fabric impregnated with Phenolic Resin: -35 to +120     
PTFE filled with 40% Bronze: -50  to +200     
POM: -35 to +100     
Speed: 5m/s      
Low friction, high efficiency     
Stick-slip free starting, no sticking     
Easy installation     

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
35x30x9.8 125x120x7.9
40x35x9.8 125x120x9.5
50x45x15 125x118x9.7
60x55x15 125x119x9.5
60x54x15 125x118x15
65x60x15 125x119x15
70x64x15 125x120x15
70x64x20 125x120x25
70x65x20 125x117x15
75x69x15 130x125x7.9
75x69x25 130x125x9.5
75x70x25 130x124x9.5
80x75x9.5 130x123x9.5
80x75x20 130x125x15
80x74x30 130x120x15
80x74x20 130x123x30
85x80x15 130x120x10
85x80x20 130x123x15
85x77x15 135x130x7.9
85x79x15 135x130x9.5
90x85x6.1 135x128x9.5
90x81x12.5 135x125x10
90x84x12.5 135x125x15
90x84x25 135x128x15
90x84x30 135x128x25
90x85x15 140x135x7.9
90x82x15 140x135x9.5
95x90x6.1 140x135x15
95x90x7.9 140x133x20
95x90x9.5 140x133x9.8
95x86x12.5 140x128x10
95x87x15 140x128x12.5
95x90x15 140x128x17.5
95x89x20 140x128x15
100x95x6.1 140x135x25
100x95x7.9 140x133x35
100x95x9.5 140x133x40
90x84x20 145x140x7.9
100x94x6.1 145x140x9.5
110x104x6.1 145x138x9.5
120x114x6.1 145x138x15
100x95x15 145x138x20
100x92x15 145x139x25
100x91x12.5 150x143x40
100x94x12.5 150x143x15
100x94x25 150x143x45
100x94x30 150x143x20
100x94x22 150x145x15
105x100x6.1 150x145x9.5
105x100x9.5 150x145x7.9
105x96x12.5 160x155x7.9
105x100x15 160x155x9.7
110x105x6.1 160x155x15
110x105x7.9 160x148x15
110x105x9.5 160x148x20
110x101x12.5 160x153x20
110x101x15 160x153x35
110x102x15 160x153x40
110x104x25 160x153x45
110x104x22 165x157x15
110x104x30 165x158x15
115x110x6.1 170x165x9.5
115x110x7.9 170x164x9.5
115x110x9.5 170x164x15
115x106x10 170x165x15
115x110x15 170x162x15
115x106x15 170x162x25
115x107x15 170x162x45
120x115x7.9 170x162x50
120x115x9.5 170x158x20
120x110x10 180x175x9.5
120x111x15 180x175x15
120x115x15 180x172x22.5
120x114x15 180x172x45
120x114x22 185x173x22.5
120x111x10 185x178x15
120x114x30 175x167x15
120x112x15 190x184x15
105x96x10 190x185x15
95x86x10 200x195x9.5
145x133x12 200x192x45
150x138x12 225x217x50