J wiper is a sealing element which usd in hydraulic applications to obstruct all kinds of negative foreign particles to go into the cylinders.          
Standardized with the materials of high performance PU 93 shore A.          

Technical Data  
Temperature: -35 to +100   
Speed: 1m/s   
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)   
Material: PU   
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A   
Color: Blue/Green/Original   
High abrasion resistance.  
Widely applicable.  
Easy installation.  

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
8X18X8 110X126X14 310X340X20
10X20X8 112X125X14/9 315X345X20
12X22X8 115X131X14 318X348X20
14X24X8 120X136X14 320X350X20
16X26X8 125X141X14 325X355X20
18X28X8 130X146X14 330X350X6/12
20X32X10 135X151X14 340X370X20
22X34X10 140X160X14 350X380X20
25X37X10 145X165X14 360X390X20
28X40X10 150X170X14 370X400X20
30X42X10 155X175X14 380X410X20
30X40X5/7 160X175X5/10.5 390X420X20
32X44X10 160X180X14 400X430X20
35X47X10 165X185X14 420X450X20
36X48X10 170X190X14 450X480X20
38X50X10 175X195X14 465X495X20
40X52X10 180X200X14 480X510X20
40X50X/712 185X205X14 500X530X20
45X57X10 190X210X14 520X550X20
50X60X7/12 195X215X14 530X560X20
50X62X10 200X220X14 540X570X20
52X64X12 210X230X14 560X590X20
55X69X12 210X230X10/18 600X630X20
60X70X/712 215X235X14 640X670X20
60X74X12 220X240X14 650X680X20
63X77X12 225X245X14 800X830X20
65X79X12 230X250X14
67X81X12 235X255X14
67X82X12/6 240X260X14
70X84X12 245X265X14
72.5X86.5X12 250X270X14
75X85X7/10 255X275X14
75X89X12 260X280X14
80X94X12 265X285X14
85X99X12 270X290X14
87X101X12 275X295X14
90X104X12 280X300X14
92X106X12 285X305X14
95X109X12 290X310X14
100X114X12 295X315X14
105X121X14 300X320X14