DHS wiper is a sealing element which usd in hydraulic applications to obstruct all kinds of negative foreign particles to go into the cylinders.          
Standardized with the materials of high performance PU 93 shore A.          
Technical Data   
Temperature: -35  to +100 
Speed: 1m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: PU   
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A    
Color: Blue / Green / Light yellow   
High abrasion resistance.   
Widely applicable.   
Easy installation.   

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
9X14X5/6.5 28x36x4/7
10X20X4/8 28X36X4.5/6 
11.2X19.2X4.5/6  28X39.8X4.5/6 
12X16X3/4 28X40X5/10
12x17x3.2/4.2 29x40x5/6.5
12X18X2.5/5 30X38X4.5/6
12X18X3.9/6 30X38X5/6.5 
12X18X3.6/4.8 30X38X4/7
12X18X3.8/4.8 30X40X5/6.5 
12X20X4.5/6  31.5X39.5X6.5
12.5X20.5X4.5/6  31.75x41.28x5.5/7.5
13X20X5/6.5 32x40x5/7.5
14X22X4.5/6  32X40X4.5/5.8
16X22X8/10 32X41X6/9
16X22X3.6/4.8 32X40X5/6.5
16X24X4.5/6  32x43.8x5/6.5
16X26X7/9.5 35x43x4.5/6
18X24X3.6/4.8 35X43X5/6.5 
18X26X4.5/6  35X43X4/7
18X28X4/8 35x43x5/7
18.5X26X3.2/4 35X45X4.6/8
19X27X4.5/6  35x45x5/10
19.05X29.05X5.3/7 35.5X43.5X5/6.5 
20x26x3.6/4.8 38X46X5/6.5 
20x26x3.6/5 40X30X7/10
20X26X3/6 40X48X4.5/5.8
20X26X6/8 40x48x4.5/6
20X28X4.5/6  40X48X5/6.5 
20X30X7/10 43X51X5/6.5
20X32X5/10 44.5x54x5.5/7.3
22X30X4.5/6  45X53X4.5/5.8
22X33.8X3/5 45X53X4.5/7
22.4X30.4X4.5/6  45X53X5/6.5 
23.5X31.5X4.5/6  45X55X5/6.8
24X32X4.5/6 47X57X7/10
25x30x4.5/6 48X56X5/6.5 
25x31x3.6/5 48X65X5/6.5 
25x31x4/6 48X65X6.5/11
25X33X4.5/6  50X58X5/6.5 
25x35x5.3/7 50x58x4.5/6
25X36.8X5/8 50X58X5.8/8
26X34X4.5/6 50.8X60.38X5.5/7.2
27X35X4.5/6  51x60x5.5/7.5
IDxODxH (mm) IDxODxH (mm)
53X61X5/6.5  124X139X6/9
53X61X5/7 125X138X7/9.5 
55X63X5/6.5  125X139.5X8.5/12
55X65X5/8 130X143X7/9.5 
55X65X6/8 130X140X7/9.5
56X64X5/6.5 135X148X6/9
58X66X5/6.5 136X149X7/9.5 
60X68X5/6.5  140X150X7/9.5
60X70X5.3/7.3 140X160X8/16
60X70X6/8 140X153X7/9.5 
60x73x7/10 145X158X7/9.5 
63X71X5/6.5  149x164x6/9
65X73X5/6.5  150x162x8/10
67X75X5/6.5  150X164X7/9.5 
70X78X4/7 150x165x6/8.5
70X80X5/8  150X165X6/9
70X80X6/8 150X168.5X9/14
71X81X6/8  155X165X7/9.5
75X85X6/8  160X170X7/9.5
80X88X4/7 160x173x6/9
80X90X5/8 160X174X7/9.5
80X90X6/8  160X175X8.5/12
80x93x7/10 162X175X6/9
82.55X95.25X6.35/9.53 165X179X7/9.5 
84x99x6.5/11 170X184X7/9.5
85X95X6/8  177x192x6/9
85X98X6/9 180X190X6.8/7.6
90X100X6/8  180x192x8/10
90X98X5/8 180x193x7/9.5
92X105X7/10  180X194X7/9.5 
95X105X6/8  180X195X6/9
98X108X6/8  180X195X6/11
98X113X6/9 180X198.5X9/14
100X110X6/8 185X195X7/9.5
100x112x8/10 187X200X7/9.5 
100X112X7/11 200X214X7/9.5 
100X115X6/8.5 204X218X7/9.5 
101.6X114.3X7/10 207X217X5/7
105X115X6/8  210X223X7.5/10.5
105x118x6/8 210X223X7/9.5
110X120X6/8  212X226X7/9.5
110X123X6/9 220X234X7/9.5
110X125X6/9  230X244X7/9.5
112X122X6/8  250X264X7/9.5
115X125X6/8  265X280X9.5/11.5
118X128X6/8 280X294X9/11.5
120X130X6/8  330X350X10/14
120X132.2X7.2/12 345X365X10/15 
IDxODxH (mm)