YA is a lip-seal which can be used for both piston and rod, this Chinese standard is suitable for recriprocating portion in all kinds of oil cylinders, such as forging press hydrulic cylinders, agriculture vehicle sleeve cylinders.          

Technical Data   
Pressure: 400 bar   
Temperature: -35  to +100   
Speed: 0.5m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: PU    
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A    
Color: Blue / Green / Original   
High sealing performance under low pressure   
Not suitable for sealing singly   
 Easy installation   

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
12X6X7 140X130X12
16X10X7 145X135X12
18X12X7 150X140X12
20X14X7 150X140X14
24X18X7 160X148X14
25X17X10 162X150X14
28X20X10 172X160X14
30X22X10 180X168X14
32X24X10 192X180X14
33X25X10 200X188X14
36X28X10 212X200X14
38X30X10 220X208X14
40X32X10 230X218X14
43X35X10 232X220X14
45X37X10 240X228X14
48X40X10 250X238X14
50X42X10 265X250X18
53X45X10 275X260X18
55X47X10 280X265X18
56X48X10 295X280X18
58X50X10 320X305X18
58X50X14 335X320X18
60X52X10 360X345X18
63X53X12 375X360X18
65X55X12 395X380X18
70X60X12 400X385X18
73X63X12 405X390X18
75X65X12 415X400X18
80X70X12 420X405X18
83X73X12 450X435X18
85X75X12 465X450X18
90X80X12 500X485X18
95X85X12 520X500X22
97X87X12 560X540X22
100X90X12 580X560X22
105X95X12 630X610X22
110X100X12 710X690X22