BA consists of a PU lip seal and a high elastic NBR O-ring.  The NBR O-ring in this design provides maximum sealing even in low pressures.          

Technical Data     
Pressure: 350 bar     
Temperature: -35  to +80    
Speed: 0.5m/s      
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)      
Material: PU / O-ring: NBR     
Hardness: 932 Shore A      
Color: Blue      
Insensibility against shock loads and pressure peaks     
High resistance against extrusion     
Perfect sealing performance under low pressure enven O-pressure     
Easy installation     

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
6X14X5.7 47.63X73.03X15.8 140X150X10.5
6.35X12.7X3.18 50X60X7.3 150X160X12
9.53X15.88X6.35 50X65X10 154X165X13
12.7X19.05X4.76 50.8X63.5X6.35 155X165X13
12.7X19.05X6.35 50.8X63.5X9.52 158.75X177.8X15.75
13X19X4 50.8X63.5X14.29 159X170X13
15.88X22.23X3.18 50.8X65.88X12.7 160X170X13
16X24X5(CPU) 53.98X63.5X14.29 180X190X12
18X26X5(CPU) 55X70X7.5 184X195X15
19.05X25.4X3.18 57.1X72.8X12.7 185X195X15
19.05X25.4X4.76 57.15X66.68X9.52
19.05X25.4X6.35 57.15X66.68X9.95
22.23X28.56X6.35 57.15X69.85X9.52
25.4X31.75X3.18 57.15X73.05X9.52
25.4X31.75X4.76 63.5X73.03X9.52
25.4X31.75X6.35 63.5X76.2X6.35
25.4X31.75X9.53 63.5X76.2X9.52
25.4X34.93X4.76 63.5X82.55X14.29
25.4X34.93X7.95 63.5X82.55X15.75
25.4X38.1X6.35 65X80X10
25.4X38.1X9.53 66.68X76.2X9.53
28.6X34.9X6.4 69.85X82.55X9.52
28.58X34.93X6.35 69.85X88.9X14.29
30.16X26.99X3.18 70X80X11.5
31.75X41.28X4.7 72X86X12
31.75X41.28X7.95 76X91X13
31.75X41.28X9.53 76.2X95.25X15.75
30.16X39.69X4.76 76.2X88.9X9.52
31.75X38.1X6.35 76.2X92.7X12.5
31.75X47.63X11.11 76.2X101.6X15.87
31.75X50.8X6.35 82..55X95.25X9.52
32X42X6.3 82.55X98.42X9.52
34.93X44.45X7.95 88.9X101.6X9.52
34.93X44.45X9.53 90X105X6
34.93X50.8X11.11 99X110X11.4
38X44.5X4.8 100X108X8
38.1X44.45X6.35 100X110X11.4
38.1X47.63X9.53 101.6X114.3X6.35
38.1X47.65X7.94 101.6X114.3X9.52
38.1X50.8X6.35 114.3X127X6.35
38.1X50.8X9.53 114.3X127X9.5
40X50X7.3 114.3X133.35X15.88
41.28X47.63X9.53 119X130X11.4
41.28X50.8X4.76 120X130X11.4
41.28X50.8X7.94 124X135X11.4
41.28X50.8X9.52 125X133X6.5
44.45X50.8X6.35 125X135X11.4
44.45X57.15X9.53 133.5X152.4X15.75
44.45X60.33X11.11 139X150X10.5