Having been used very widerly in hydraulic cylinders, UHS can be used for piston and rod applications because of having the height of both sealing lips equal.          
Standardized with the materials of high performance PU 93 shore A.          

Technical Data    
Pressure: 400 bar    
Temperature: -35 to +100   
Speed: 0.5m/s     
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)     
Material: PU    
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A     
Color: Blue / Green / Light yellow    
High sealing performance under low pressure    
Not suitable for sealing singly    
Easy installation    

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
6X12X5 50X60X7 165X180X9
11.2X19.2X5 53X63X6 180X200X12
10X20X6 55X65X6 180X200X12.5
12X20X5 56X66X6 200X220X12
12.5X20X5 57X65X5 204X224X12
14X22X5 58X68X6 230X250X12
15X23X5 60AX70X6
16X24X5 60X71X7
17X27X5 61X71X6
18X25X5 63X73X6
18X26X5 65X75X6
19X24X5 66X76X6
19X25X5 67X77X6
19X26X6.7 70X78X8
20X26X3.5 70X80X6
20X26X5 71X80X6
20X27X6 75X85X6
20X28X5 76X86X6
21X26.5X6 80X90X6
22.4X30X5 83.5X93.5X6
23.5X31.5X5 85X100X9
25X33X5 86X96X6
26X33X5 88X98X6
26X36X5 90X105X9
27X35X5 95X110X9
28X35.5X5 98X112X9
30X40X6 100X115X9
31.5X41.5X6 105X120X9
32X42X6 106X120X8.5
35X45X6 110X125X9
35X45X7 112X125X9
35.5X45X6 115X130X9
36X46X9 120X135X9
38X46X6 122X135X9
38X48X6 125X140X9
40X50X6 130X145X9
45AX55X6 136X150X9
45X56X7 140X155X9
47X57X6 145X160X9
48X58X6 150X165X9
50X60X6 160X175X9