BSF piston seals have designs in 2 parts consisting of special compound PTFE ring and O-ring used as pressure ring. This design is suitable up to a pressure of 400 bar in double acting cylinders.  The advantages compared with other sealing systems are linear velocity reaching at 5 m/s, non-stick slip feature in long static use, low friction endurance, durability against high temperatures and big variety of chemical liquids, providing piston as one part and small.  By using O-ring, used as pressure ring, in different combinations it is possible to solve all sorts of problems.          

Technical Data   
Pressure: 400 bar   
Temperature: with NBR O-ring: -35  to +105  
                          with FKM O-ring: -35 to +200   
Speed: 5m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: Almost all media   O-ring: NBR/FKM   
Color: Green/Brown   O-ring: Black/Brown   
High static and dynamic sealing effect   
Low friction, high efficiency   
Stick-slip free starting, no sticking   
Easy installation   

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
20X3.2 63X6.3 155X8.1
22X3.2 65X6.3 160X8.1
25X3.2 70X6.3 170X8.1
28X3.2 75X6.3 175X8.1
30X3.2 80X6.3 180X8.1
32X3.2 85X6.3 185X8.1
35X3.2 90X6.3 190X8.1
20X4.2 95X6.3 195X8.1
22X4.2 100X6.3 200X8.1
25X4.2 105X6.3 210X8.1
28X4.2 110X6.3 220X8.1
30X4.2 115X6.3 230X8.1
32X4.2 120X6.3 240X8.1
35X4.2 125X6.3 250X8.1
36X4.2 130X6.3 260X8.1
38X4.2 135X6.3 270X8.1
40X4.2 140X6.3 280X8.1
42X4.2 145X6.3 290X8.1
45X4.2 150X6.3 300X8.1
48X4.2 155X6.3 310X8.1
50X4.2 160X6.3 320X8.1
55X4.2 170X6.3 330X8.1
56X4.2 180X6.3 340X8.1
60X4.2 190X6.3 350X8.1
63X4.2 200X6.3 360X8.1
65X4.2 70X8.1 370X8.1
70-4.2 80X8.1 380X8.1
75X4.2 85X8.1 390X8.1
80X4.2 90X8.1 400X8.1
85X4.2 95X8.1 410X8.1
90X4.2 100X8.1 420X8.1
95X4.2 105X8.1 430X8.1
100X4.2 110X8.1 440X8.1
40X6.3 115X8.1 450X8.1
42X6.3 120X8.1 460X8.1
45X6.3 125X8.1 470X8.1
48X6.3 130X8.1 480X8.1
50X6.3 135X8.1 490X8.1
55X6.3 140X8.1 500X8.1
56X6.3 145X8.1 530X8.1
60X6.3 150X8.1 560X8.1