Standardized with the materials of high performance PU 93 Shore A, YX-D are used very widely in hydraulic cylinders. Having shorter outer sealing lip YX-D nutrings are desinged especially for piston applications.          

Technical Data    
Pressure: 400 bar    
Temperature: -35  to +100    
Speed: 0.5m/s     
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)     
Material: PU    
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A     
Color: Blue/Green/Original    
High abrasion resistance    
Insensibility against shock loads and pressure peaks    
Low compression set    

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
11X5X8 110X94X18
12X6X8 110X98X14 
14X8X8 115X99X18
16X10X8 115X103X14
18X12X8 120X104X18
20X14X8 120X108X14
22X16X8 125X109X18
24X18X8 125X113X14
25X19X8 127X111X18
27X21X8 130X114X18
28X22X8 130X118X14
30X22X10 135X119X18
32X24X10 135X123X14
35X27X10 140X124X18
40X32X10 140X128X14
45X37X10 145X129X18
50X42X10 145X133X14
55X47X10 150X134X18
60X48X14 150X138X14
63X51X14 155X139X18
65X53X14 155X143X14
68X56X14 160X144X18
70X58X14 160X148X14
75X63X14 165X149X18
78X66X14 170X154X18
80X68X14 175X159X18
85X73X14 180X164X18
90X78X14 185X169X18
95X83X14 190X174X18
100X88X14 195X179X18
105X93X14 200X184X18
105X89X18 210X194X18
 OD x ID x H (mm)  OD x ID x H (mm)
215X199X18 520X496X24
220X204X18 530X487X24
225X209X18 530X506X24
230X214X18 540X516X24
240X224X18 560X536X24
250X234X18 570X546X24
255X239X18 580X556X24
260X244X18 600X576X24
265X249X18 630X606X24
270X254X18 650X626X24
280X264X18 670X646X24
290X274X18 680X656X24
300X284X18 700X676X24
310X286X24 710X686X24
310X290X21 750X726X24
320X296X24 780X756X24
325X301X24 790X766X24
330X306X24 800X776X24
340X316X24 850X826X24
350X326X24 860X836X24
360X336X24 870X846X25
365X341X24 900X876X24
380X356X24 940X916X24
400X376X24 950X926X24
420X396X24 1000X976X24
430X406X24 1200X1176X24
440X416X24 1600X1576X24