B7 is a lip-seal which fits tightly in the groove. These seals may be used for all applications where the physical properties of normal or fabric reinforced elastomers are infuffient.          
B7 is mainly used for the sealing of pistons in heavy applications in mobile and stationary hydraulics.

Technical Data   
Pressure:  400 bar   
Temperature: -35  to +110   
Speed: 0.5m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: PU   
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A    
Color: Turquoise   
Unusually high abrasion resistance   
Low compression set   
Suitable for the most severe working conditions   
Easy installation   

ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
14X5.8X5.5 80X65X8.6 180X155X18
16X8X5.8 80X65X10 200X175X18.2
16X8X6 80X65X11.4 200X180X12 
16X8X7 80X70X6 220X200X12 
16X10X6 80X70X7 220X200X15
16X10X8 80X70X9  230X205X19
24X16X5  80X70X10  250X225X18.2
26X18X5  90X70X12  250X230X15
30X22.4X5  90X75X11.4 260X240X12 
40X30X6  90X80X6 280X255X19
40X32X5.7 90X80X7 320X290X20
45X35X6 90X80X9  330X300X24
50X40X6 95X75X12 
50X40X6  100X80X12
50X40X7  100X85X8.5
50X40X7.3 100X85X9
50X40X8 100X85X11.4
56X45X7 100X85X12 
60X45X13 100X90X6
60X50X6 100X90X7
60X50X6  100X90X8 
60X50X7.3 100X90X9 
60X50X8 105X90X9
63X48X9 105X90X11.4
63X51X7 105X95X12
63X53X6 110X95X9 
63X53X6  115X100X9 
63X53X7 115X95X12 
63X53X7.3 120X100X12 
63X53X8 120X106X8.5 
63X55X5.7 125X100X10 
65X55X6 125X110X9
65X55X7.3 125X105X14.5
70X55X10 125X109X18
70X60X7 130X110X15 
70X60X12 130X115X9
75X65X6 140X125X9
75X65X6  150X135X9
75X65X7 160X140X14.5
75X65X7.3 165X150X9
80X60X12 180X150X18