Standardized with the materials of high performance PU 93 Shore A, YX-d are used very widely in hydaulic cylinders. Having shorter inner sealing lip YX-d nutrings are designed especially for rod applications.          

Technical Data   
Pressure:  300 Bar   
Temperature: -35  to +100   
Speed: 0.5m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: PU   
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A    
Color: Light Yellow / Natural   
High resistance to high temperature   
High abrasion resistance   
Low compression set   
Easy installation


ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
6X11X7 80X92X14
6X12X8 80X95X14
8X14X8 85X97X14
10X16X8 88.5X98.5X14
12X18X8 90X99X12
14X20X8 90X102X14
16X22X8 95X107X14
18X24X8 100X112X14
20X28X10 105X121X18
20X26X8 105X117X14
22X30X10 110X119X12
22X28X8 110X126X18
25X33X10 110X122X14
25X31X8 115X131X18
28X36X10 115X127X14
28X34X8 120X136X18
30X38X10 120X132X14
32X40X10 125X141X18
34X42X10 125X137X14
35X43X10 130X139X12
36X44X10 130X146X18
38X46X10 130X142X14
40X48X10 135X151X18
45X53X10 140X156X18
50X58X10 140X152X14
52X60X10 145X161X18
55X63X10 145X157X14
56X64X10 150X160X12
60X72X14 150X166X18
63X75X14 150X162X14
65X77X14 155X171X18
67X79X14 155X167X14
70X79X12 160X176X18
70X82X14 160X172X14
72.5X82.5X14 163X175X14
75X87X14 165X181X18
78X90X14 170X186X18
ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
175X191X18 390X414X24
180X196X18 410X434X24
185X201X18 420X444X24
190X206X18 440X464X24
195X211X18 450X474X24
200X216X18 460X484X24
205X221X18 465X489X24
210X226X18 470X494X24
215X231X18 480X504X24
220X236X18 400X424X24
230X246X18 490X514X24
235X251X18 500X524X24
240X256X18 520X544X24
250X266X18 530X554X24
260X276X18 560X584X24
265X281X18 580X604X24
270X286X18 590X614X24
280X296X18 600X624X24
280X304X18 620X644X24
285X301X18 630X654X24
290X306X18 650X674X24
290X314X24 670X694X24
295X311X18 700X725X24
300X316X18 720X744X26
305X329X24 740X764X24
310X334X24 750X774X24
315X331X24 780X804X24
318X342X24 810X834X25
320X344X21 820X844X25
320X344X24 870X894X24
325X249X24 900X924X24
330X354X24 1200X1224X24