Standardized with the materials of high performance PU 93 Shore A, UNR/UHR are used very widely in hydaulic cylinders.  Having shorter inner sealing lip UNR/UHR nutrings are designed especially for rod applications.          

Technical Data   
Pressure:  400 Bar   
Temperature: -35  to +100  
Speed:  0.5m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: PU   
Hardness: 93  2 Shore A    
Color: Blue, Dark green   
High resistance to high temperature   
High abrasion resistance   
Low compression set   
Easy installation   


ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
UNR 80X90X12 UHR 22.4X30X5.2
UNR 160X185X16 UHR 25X33X5.2
UNR 170X195X16 UHR 28X35.5X5.2
UNR 180X205X16 UHR 30X40X6.5
UNR 190X215X16 UHR 40X50X6.5
UNR 190X220X20 UHR 45X56X7.5
UNR 200X225X16 UHR 50X60X6.5
UNR 212X237X19 UHR 55X65X6.5
UNR 220X245X18 UHR 60X70X6.5
UNR 224X249X19 UHR 65X75X6.5
UNR 230X254X19 UHR 70X80X6.5
UNR 230X255X19 UHR 75X85X6.5
UNR 236X261X19 UHR 80X90X6.5
UNR 250X275X19 UHR 85X100X9.5
UNR 265X295X19 UHR 90X105X9.5
UNR 270X300X19 UHR 100X115X9.5
UNR 280X310X19 UHR 160X175X9.5
UNR 400X430X19 UHR 180X200X12.5
UNR 420X450X19