U2 is a sealing element used safely in rod applications and produced with high performance 93 Shore A PU material. Supported by another sealing lip in the side from which dynamic pressure comes, this U2 PU nutring is made in such a way that is operates well in every hydraulic applications.            

Technical Data   
Pressure:  400 Bar   
Temperature: -35  to +110  
Speed: 0.5m/s    
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)    
Material: PU   
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A    
Color: Blue, Dark green   
 High resistance to high temperature   
 High abrasion resistance   
 Low compression set   
 Suitable for the most severe working conditions   
 Easy installation


ID x OD x H (mm) ID x OD x H (mm)
016X22X8 145X161X18
018X024X8 150X162X14
020X28X5 150X166X18
020X028X10 155X167X14
022X028X8 155X171X18
022X030X10 160X172X14
025X033X10 160X171X14
028X034X8 160X176X18
028X036X10 170X186X18
030X038X10 180X196X18
032X040X10 185X201X18
035X043X10 190X206X18
040X048X10 200X216X18
045X053X10 210X226X18
050X058X10 220X236X18
055X063X10 230X246X18
060X072X14 240X256X18
063X075X14 250X266X18
065X077X14 260X276X18
070X082X14 270X286X18
075X087X14 280X296X18
080X092X14 290X306X18
085X097X14 300X316X18
090X102X14 320X344X24
095X107X14 330X354X24
100X112X14 330X360X22
105X117X14 340X364X24
105X121X18 360X384X24
110X122X14 380X404X24
110X126X18 400X424X24
115X131X18 420X444X24
120X132X14 450X474X24
130X142X14 480X504X24
120X136X18 500X524X24
125X137X14 515X539X24
125X141X18 530X554X24
130X146X18 580X604X24
135X147X14 600X624X24
135X151X18 620X644X24