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The world's demand for business trip and travel is growing rapidly, and commercial space launch and space travel are gradually developed, so the demand for spacecraft is also increasing. The sealing requirements of aerospace are extremely strict, and there are special spacecraft standard constraints. Any quality defect is intolerable.

As one of the world's top seal manufacturers, Ailate Seal develops various polyurethane elastomers, rubber, PTFE, POM and composite materials with special properties, which are used to manufacture various molding and CNC machining seal products suitable for extreme environment. Our products can be used for original equipment matching or regular maintenance. Customers all over the world choose us, focusing on the quality of our products, innovative solutions and high-quality services leading over other enterprises.

Aerospace applications include:

Small commercial aircraft, medium passenger aircraft, large passenger aircraft, military aircraft, etc

Rockets, space shuttles, space stations, etc

Launch pad to assist aircraft take off

Other aerospace equipment

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