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General Industry

As an essential part of national economy, general industry provides equipment support for other industries. From personal daily necessities and transportation to the manufacture of large industrial equipment, there can't be without general industrial equipment. With people's ultimate pursuit of life quality and operation efficiency, the manufacturing of general industry equipment is also moving towards automation and modernization. As an efficient transmission system, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are widely used in various industries. The improvement of transmission efficiency can never be separated from the participation of seals. High quality seals promote the innovation of general transmission equipment industry, and then promote the prosperity of other industries.

Ailate Seal provides support and cooperation for many large and small general equipment manufacturers, involving all aspects of the industry and provides full supports for efficient production of customers. The implementation of standardization and large-scale stock of standard products greatly facilitate the selection of products by customers. Through the close cooperation between two sides, on the one hand, we can promote the development and manufacture of seals, on the other hand, we can meet the users' pursuit of higher requirements for seals.

General industry applications include:

Machine tool equipment

Plastic machinery such as injection molding machine

Transportation such as motorcycles, automobiles, trains and bullet train

Valve, pipe joint and other pipe valve devices

Small hydraulic equipment for buildings such as crushing hammer, steel bar cutter, steel bar bender, etc

Single column hydraulic press, four column hydraulic press and other types of hydraulic press

Manual hydraulic tools such as hydraulic tongs, hydraulic motors and hydraulic jacks

Environmental protection equipment such as filter press

Automation equipment such as robots

Transmission equipment such as coupling

A wide range of other general industry equipment needs seals
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