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The exploitation and utilization of oil and gas resources is a project with high technical requirements, high risks and high returns. With the rapid development of technology in recent years, the oil and gas resources that were difficult to reach before are gradually exploited, but more complex oil well structure also requires more advanced performance of equipment. In addition, for the high-risk chemical industry, any slight leakage may bring unimaginable consequences. Reaction on the sealing elements, they not only have to dealing with high temperature and high pressure conditions, but also should be suitable for different medias, so there are strict requirements for the design and production of products to achieve the best performance.

According to the special situation of petrochemical industry, the technical team of Ailate Seal applies professional technology to provide our customers with excellent seal design solutions, so as to solve many previous difficult sealing problems . On the basis of practice, more breakthrough research results support the innovation of the solutions. We have many customers in this field, during which sealing products and service are widely praised.

The application of Petrochemical includes:

Oil driller

Various hydraulic tensioner, winch, compensator, etc

Oil transportation pipeline and valve

Chemical electrolyzer

Other petrochemical equipment

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