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With the acceleration of global agricultural mechanization and subtilized division of labor, agricultural machinery industry has entered a period of rapid development. The requirement of higher environmental protection and production efficiency urges mechanical equipment manufacturers to adopt better technology and develop larger, all-weather, multi-functional agricultural machinery, and therefore put forward stricter requirements for the hydraulic system. On the one hand, the sealing parts of modern agricultural machinery oil cylinder should have enough sealing performance to prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil to protect the environment, on the other hand, it should have enough long service cycle and the ability to cope with bad working conditions to ensure long-term operation. Traditional sealing technology was difficult to meet this demand.

Based on decades of experience in agricultural machinery field, Ailate Seal has greatly changed the disadvantages of sealing failure of hydraulic system caused by easy abrasion of traditional seal, and constantly improved the raw material formula and test conditions to raise the fatigue resistance of seal. In addition to the high-quality seal products, the sealing solutions we provide also benefit our customers, thus establishing the excellent reputation of Ailate brand in the field of agricultural machinery.

The application of Agriculture includes:

Seeder, harvester, tractor, dump truck, etc.

Pressing machine, chopper, etc.

Irrigation machine, sprayer, etc.

Many other agricultural machinery and equipment

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