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Mining and Metallurgy

The modern mining industry is not satisfied with the mining of surface and shallow surface of the earth. With the progress of science and technology, the mining limit has been constantly improved. At the same time, the requirements of mining equipment become more and more stringent, and the requirements of cylinder in different mining scenarios are also diversified. For high equipment production efficiency, the maintenance times and the ultimate lifespan should be minimized.

Metallurgy, as the basis of national economy, reflects the comprehensive strength and economic development level of a country, and has been paid more and more attention. The elimination of backward production capacity and environmental protection requirements, urge the metallurgical industry to constantly update equipment and innovative technology. The working environment of metallurgical oil cylinder is very bad. In addition to high oil pressure, high concentration of dust, high vibration and impact, the oil temperature is often close to 200 degree. Therefore, the high temperature stability and aging resistance required for seals are very high. Moreover, strict discharge standards require higher and higher pressure filtration equipment for wastewater treatment, so better sealing products are needed.

Ailate Seal provides solutions to meet the needs of mining equipment cylinders, maximize the sealing life of the entire hydraulic system on the premise of increasing equipment maintenance interval, and so bring more benefits to our customers. With the mastery of hydrodynamics, our products can be widely used in drilling, coal mining, hydraulic support and other mining equipment, reducing the energy customers spend on equipment research and development. We have provided sealing support for many mining manufacturers.

We provide sealing parts with excellent high temperature stability for metallurgical equipment factory. The unique aging resistance, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance formula make it widely used in metallurgical industry. We help metallurgical enterprises to adopt new equipment and new technology to keep up with the pace of the times, provide constructive sealing application scheme, and improve metallurgical efficiency while reducing energy consumption. Matching with the high standard of filter press equipment also makes us contribute to improve the environment.

The application of Mining and Metallurgy includes:

Shearer, TBM, shield machine, etc.

Drilling machine, crusher, cutter, etc.

Long arm support machine, plunger machine, etc.

Forklift, mining truck, etc.

Metallurgical blast furnace, electric furnace, refining furnace, billet caster, etc

Bar machines, wire machines, rolling mills, temper mills, etc.

Plate electrostatic oiler, coiler, etc

Other mining and metallurgy equipment.

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