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Engineering Machinery

With the rising and popularization of large-scale infrastructure and building, the demand for heavy construction machinery and equipment with high requirements is growing,. These equipments not only need to keep stable operation in the design period, but also can cope with more complex working conditions. Whether it is the steering and lifting of the equipment, or maintaining the stability of the equipment in operation, it is inseparable from the participation of the hydraulic cylinder. As an important part of the hydraulic system of this kind of equipment, the seal is to prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil under high pressure and the damage of the whole system caused by the barrier external pollutants entering the oil cylinder, and to a certain extent, to ensure the safety of operators.

The high-performance seals produced by Ailate Seal are characterized by high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and impact resistance, which can be used continuously in the limit state for a long time. Specially designed seal structure and specially developed raw materials greatly improve the lifespan of products. Our high quality sealing products have been selected by many large construction machinery manufacturers.

The application of Engineering Machinery includes:

Heavy engineering equipment such as excavator, crane, roller, bulldozer, loader, etc.

Various types of hydraulic forklift, dump truck, off-road vehicle, etc.

Hydraulic lifter, lifting platform, etc.

Other heavy mechanical equipment requiring hydraulic system.

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