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Quality Assurance
Ailate Seal has developed rather mature Ailate Sealing Technology, and with decades of technology accumulation and producing in strict accordance with the latest international quality system, product quality has almost reached the world's advanced level, thus we have the ability to promise that the products of Ailate brand have high quality.
The Quality Assurance of Ailate Seal mainly includes the following contents:
• Layout production in strict accordance with the requirements of advanced ISO quality management system.
• Each batch of raw materials has been tested and all indicators are qualified before they are used in production.
• The finished products can only be sold out of the factory after passing the test.
• The sealing products of Ailate have high sealing effect and long lifespan.
• Strictly comply with the requirements of National Product Quality Law and Standardization Law about product quality and standards.
• Refuse to produce and sell fake products, and resolutely resist fake and inferior products.
• Owning a perfect quality traceability system.
Through many years of persistent Brand Strategy, the quality of Ailate Seal has left a deep impression on customers. The support of countless old customers gives us great confidence. We strive to do a good job in products, and constantly improve standards and requirements, so that greater products can bring greater benefits to our customers!

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